Leading Seeks You by Emmanuel Iren

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Leading seeks you: Simple keys to discerning divine direction.

Emmanuel Iren

Emmanuel Iren


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These are trying and uncertain times.

In recent history, we’ve experienced and recorded cases of global pandemics, the wake of wars, disruption of economies, failed marriages, and high job insecurity. These tragic occurrences exert their heavy toll on humans and many have known loss.

Also in the hearts of many are burning questions; Is it possible to cope? How do we navigate these times and come out on top?

Leading Seeks You affirms that being divinely led is possible. Also, as a Christian, you can live a lifestyle marked by peace amidst storms, accurate decision-making, and confidence in being at the center of God’s agenda.

Overview of Leading Seeks You

One-sentence Summary: Leading Seeks you is a short yet insightful spiritual discernment book that takes a biblical approach to the study of divine leading; a supernatural grace and unsearchable heritage that is given to all members of the body of Christ.

From the many ways God leads us, one can deduce that He desires to communicate his goodwill to you and he’ll do it in a way that you can understand. However, it is pertinent to learn how to distinguish his voice from other voices in our heads.

Favorite quotes from Leading Seeks You.

  • Until we learn to trust God, some things will be hindered in our journey. You could spend more time on an assignment or stage than God intended because you’ve not mastered consecration.
  • Asking for a sign and direction concerning something in which the Bible is clear is not faith but doubt.
  • Whenever you hear believers speak about being led, do not cower in fear. Recollect times that you have also been led by God either actively or passively, and feel free to share if it is convenient to do so.
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Ideas and Insights from Leading Seeks You

#1: God is the perfect communicator

A unique motif reoccurring throughout this literary text is the idea that God is willing to communicate, and he’s adept at it. When we make this fundamental idea the primary focus, we begin to appreciate God’s ability to communicate, and well up requisite faith for divine leading within ourselves.

Drawing from biblical examples, the author enlightens his readers of God’s ability to get any man’s attention. It is ludicrous to think that God is unable to reach you when he needs to. He can and would talk to you in a way you can not miss for the message’s sake.

Also, God is merciful and patient to give multiple confirmations of his instructions — if need be. He would also employ a means of communication that fits your level of spiritual maturity and proficiency in interpreting spiritual signals.

In view of God’s commitment and model dutifulness, we can rest easy knowing that, perhaps, the reason we haven’t heard God is because he hasn’t spoken.

#2: You can discern a divine direction

The next important idea the author draws on is knowing that you CAN discern directions from God. This mentality could be the factor that differentiates a person who hears from God from a person who doesn’t.

The gift of divine direction is a grace given to all Christians and has become a heritage because of what Christ has done for us. Know it and walk confidently in this knowledge that as children of God, we always have unfettered access to the guidance of God, our Father.

This is why we can continually discern God’s heart for us and walk in it; when a Christian receives the Holy Spirit, he or she receives a spiritual interface connecting us with God and an internal regulator enabling us to obey. This means that you too can hear just as your spiritual leaders can hear from God. You don’t always have to depend on others. You are not utterly helpless.

Believe in God’s perfect way, time, and word. The author urges his readers to practice obedience as it is an exercise in training your spiritual facilities to hear more and clearly.

#3: The things that hinder communication

Another important insight Leading Seeks You calls to mind is the fact when it comes to communications, there will be tendencies for interruptions. Just as there are barriers to communication in our daily regular interactions, there are also possible hindrances in our discussions with God.

The author enlists sin, selfishness, eager anticipation for the spectacular, desperation, doubts, and limiting beliefs as some barriers to divine communication with the most insidious being eagerness and high expectation for the spectacular.

While these hindrances exist and impair discernment, one must learn to identify them and become wary of their operations to avert himself from the dangers of being sidetracked.

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Leading Seek You Book Review

Right from the moment I perused the book title, I was hooked — and admittedly for the wrong reason. Initially, I took interest in reading Leading Seek You because I thought it would contain information about the need for good leadership in the world today, and resound a call to leadership for all its readers.

After reading a few pages, I was shell-shocked, yet grateful, to realize it was indeed a prerequisite call to followership.

Leading Seeks You was written with a simple grammatical structure which makes it a concise, easy-to-digest, and straightforward read.

Unlike many books on divine leadership, Leading Seeks You places focus on God’s ability to communicate and not human’s ability to hear God. I think this makes all the difference because, with this approach, we don’t have to condition ourselves mechanically and suffer the dread of not being good enough. Such a refreshing read!!

Leading Seeks You also features self-assessment questions for consecration that could be improvised as a spiritual discernment test. However, I think that the answers to the item questions will vary across time, season, and level of spiritual growth. So, don’t be sad or beat yourself up when it feels like you’re not doing enough. What matters is that you have a willing heart to pursue God’s will.

Is Leading Seeks You for me?

Leading Seeks You by Emmanuel Iren is a necessary read for anyone (you or someone you love) who

  • believes that Jesus is a better custodian of your life than you are and have chosen to live for him.
  • is a servant of God and wants to discern God’s voice from other voices
  • feels unworthy to be divinely led by God or that God doesn’t want to speak to you.
  • would like to know God’s will per time, especially during tough times.
  • is a young Christian and wants to develop a listening ear for God’s instruction pertaining to their future, mission, career, or spouse even.
  • is a new convert and wants to make progress in his or her walk with God.
  • has a strong sense that God wants to do a great thing in the world through you.
  • uncertain when God speaks and thinks “It’s just my mind. I am not sure its from God.”

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