Road to True greatness; Achieving Earthly impact and Kingdom relevance.

I once shared an idea online about the global church’s participation in world development. Later on, I received a brilliant…
Achinike Amadi

on May 7, 2024

  • An illustration of true greatness with subtitle Achieving earthly influence and kingdom relevance
  • I once shared an idea online about the global church’s participation in world development. Later on, I received a brilliant comment from Paul, a Christian and learner. He said;

    It seems like a large number of Christians selfishly only worry about their own place in heaven and the number [of] souls they harvest. With little concern for the Billions of God’s people currently living on earth.

    We would be unpacking more of what he said but at this junction, I have to say that his observation on the modern-day Christian’s attitude to earthly impact, in my opinion, calls for deeper reflection and action on our part as members of the body of Christ.

    So in this blog post, I decided to cross-examine a certain limitation holding the Church back and present, possibly, a roadmap to true greatness—that you and I can follow.

    The Dominion Mandate.

    One thing to note on the road to true greatness is the dominion mandate.

    Genesis 1:28 documents the Dominion Mandate given to Adam (mankind) by God.

    *And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.*GENESIS 1:28

    It is a call and responsibility to dominate, be great, and to steward. This forms the basis of self-leadership; stewarding your life for earthly impact and kingdom greatness.

    This Mandate was given by God to all of mankind —Christians and non-Christians alike. It is not exclusive to only Christians because the mandate to dominate the world precedes the fall of man and the genesis of the Church.

    Yet it looks as though Christians in recent times are indifferent about leading world development as non-Christians make up the bulk majority of those on the frontlines of technological advancement.

    Top Innovations and The Gospel

    As time continued, The world witnessed the Industrial Age —amongst others. With it came, technological advancement and innovations following.

    Innovation and scientific progress are products of contributions from diverse religious, cultural, and philosophical backgrounds.

    According to LiveScience, some of the inventions that changed the world are;

    Wheel, Compass, Light Bulb(Electricity), Telephone(Communication), Internal Combustion Engine, Internet, X-rays.

    As a consequence of their existence, a good number of these innovations have directly or indirectly influenced the spread of the gospel or practice of Christianity as we know it today.

    Furthermore, some of these inventions were developed by individuals known to have Christian beliefs or be affiliated with Christianity in some way.

    So why are a good number of churches today indifferent about participating in world development and leading earthly impact?

    The problem: A Limiting Mindset

    There is an endemic suggestion that Christians should focus on the Church (and its native activities) and leave other things.

    It causes people to think or say ;

    “After all, We are not of this world, it is not our final destination. This world is passing away soon. So why bother?”

    Paul, from earlier, spoke directly against this mentality in his comment. He said;

    Future generations are often completely ignored because we live in the end time. What if Jesus only comes in another 2 000 or even 2 000 000 years what are we leaving for future generations?

    Another dangerous implication of this mindset is that we take the back seat and let other people chart and dictate for us the course of the world we and our children live in.

    The effects are undesirable. One of these effects is that the Church would become late adopters; Always at the tail-end of technological advancement playing catch-up.

    Solution: 3 Mindset shifts to make

    Change how we think

    The first step to a solution is to make a mindset shift; to start thinking differently from the way we do now.

    There is a way to think if we would witness kingdom greatness. Here are 3 things to help us reframe our thinking.

    • Remember We are the likeness of God.
    • Realizw the scope of The Great Commission.
    • Recognize the fine Balance.

    We are the likeness of God.

    God deposited creativity in man to be creative just as God is. Small-mindedness, timidity, and poverty are anomalies because God doesn’t have these traits. We have great potential for creativity and innovation.

    The Great Commission.

    The Great Commission is a huge assignment that involves reaching out to about 7.9 billion people in over 195 recognized countries, speaking approximately 7100 known languages. Let’s also not forget the urgency of this task too. It requires innovative methods if we would evangelize the world in our time.

    A fine Balance.

    There is a balance between focusing on church and world development. It should not be either-or. It can be both. Look towards Creating a balance by Nurturing Church and World Development for Kingdom Establishment.

    7 Areas to Dominate for Kingdom Establishment.

    road to true greatness graphic

    According to Johnny Enlow, there are 7 areas of influence over any society.

    The seven culture-shaping areas of each society, as described in the book “The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution,” are:

    1. Media: This refers to the influence of mass media, including television, radio, print media, and the internet, in shaping public opinion and culture. Little or no wholesome media content for our children. See 1 Timothy 2:1-3
    2. Government: This encompasses the political and governing bodies that make decisions and laws that affect society. Leadership makes every situation either better or worse. If there’s a good leader over a nation, the people (and the church) will feel the positive impact (Proverbs 29:2 Jonah 3:5, Ezra 6:9-11). A bad leader equals negative impact as seen in ()
    3. Education: This includes schools, colleges, and educational institutions that play a vital role in shaping the values, beliefs, and knowledge of individuals. We must participate on this front lest we face the risk of our children learning unnatural ideologies, ungodly perspectives, and false doctrines that go on to shape their lives
    4. Economy: This refers to the economic systems and industries that drive a nation’s prosperity and the living standards of its citizens. Temptations to compromise for self-survival (Matthew 13:22) would be so weak under financially stable conditions.
    5. Family: This encompasses the institution of family and its impact on shaping values, morals, and social norms within society. For some of us, Christianity is easier because the right foundation was laid at a tender age by a family relation. See also 2 Timothy 3:15.
    6. Religion: This offers us a lens to look at the world and at life in a bid to understand it. It also provides a value system that individuals in a society can center their lives around. Wrong doctrines and beliefs could lead to societal instability and threaten the continuity of Man.
    7. Celebration (Arts and Entertainment): As Christians, we can define our fun. Engaging in celebratory activities that are consistent with our core values. We can celebrate and host celebrations that embody and reflect pure virtues that are equally entertaining and riveting.

    Actions to take toward True Greatness.

    #1. Practice self-leadership.

    Practice self-leadership with a focus on growth and stewardship; using resources and technology to promote the gospel in innovative ways. Looking inwardly at how you can contribute to the body of Christ using your gifts, talent, and resources.

    Ask, what is my role in God’s end-time agenda? What is something that God has placed in my care? What can I start doing today to make it better? How can I use it for his purposes, for kingdom purposes?

    Make heaven rejoice on your account.

    #2. Produce cleaner alternatives

    Create cleaner options that are just as good in quality if not better, and don’t let others who prioritize ephemeral things like fame, power, and reputation outperform you. I am telling you, there are lots of untapped opportunities to take advantage of. Find a way to translate spirit-inspired ideas(not doctrine) into something that excellently meets a need, solves a problem, and influences culture for the Kingdom.

    With supernatural strength, divine wisdom, and diligence, you can compete and win.

    #3. Align with God’s mission

    Align with God’s mission and vision, believing that all things are possible. Be part of the people who say, “With God, it is possible.

    Allow prophecy to affect your schedule and trajectory of life. Obey God. Don’t be disobedient to the heavenly vision.

    Be sensitive to the move of the Spirit in this present day and age. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Find what God is blessing already and participate.

    If God puts it in your heart to create your own, go ahead. If he leads you to partner with an already existing organization or project pursuing his will, go ahead.

    #4. Support by turning up for Kingdom agendas.

    If Strength is in Numbers, then we, as Christians are strong. We have to stand up for one another and stay united. Let us show up in numbers for ourselves and be unapologetically vocal about the gospel we believe. This way, we can dictate the new viral.

    If there ever was a time when Christians needed to be there for one another, It would be now. Now more than ever, we need to show up, partner, and participate in what our siblings are doing here on earth for the establishment of God’s kingdom.


    Table title: Table of top 25 inventions, their inventors and their technological Age.

    S/NInventionInvented ByTimeTechnological Age
    1WheelUnknown inventors3500 B.C.Middle Age
    2Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg1440-1450Renaissance
    3Light BulbThomas Edison1879Industrial Age
    4InternetRobert Kahn and Vinton Cerf1970sInformation Age
    5NailsAncient RomansOver 2,000 years agoClassical Age
    6VaccinesEdward Jenner1796Industrial Age
    7CompassUnknown inventors2nd Century B.C. – 1st Century A.D.Classical Age
    8RefrigeratorWilliam Cullen1748, with advancements in 1834Industrial Age
    9Internal Combustion EngineMultiple inventorsLate 19th centuryIndustrial Age
    10X-RaysWilhelm Roentgen1895Industrial Age
    11BatteryAlessandro Volta1799Industrial Age
    12TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell1876Industrial Age
    13MicroscopeAntonie van LeeuwenhoekLate 16th centuryRenaissance
    14RadioGuglielmo MarconiLate 19th and early 20th centuriesIndustrial Age
    15AirplaneWright brothers1903Industrial Age
    16Steam EngineJames WattLate 18th centuryIndustrial Age
    17Steam LocomotiveGeorge StephensonEarly 19th centuryIndustrial Age
    18PhotographyVarious inventors19th centuryIndustrial Age
    19PenicillinAlexander Fleming1928Industrial Age
    20TelevisionMultiple inventorsLate 19th and early 20th centuriesIndustrial Age
    21ComputerMultiple inventors20th centuryInformation Age
    22Electricity GenerationMultiple inventors19th centuryIndustrial Age
    23Atomic BombMultiple inventorsMid-20th centuryInformation Age
    24AutomobileKarl BenzLate 19th centuryIndustrial Age
    25SteamboatRobert FultonEarly 19th centuryIndustrial Age

    Please note that some inventions may have multiple inventors or various contributors, and the timeframes provided are estimates. Additionally, the classification of the technological ages may vary based on different interpretations.

    Achinike Amadi
    Hello there, I am Archie. I share and curate digital resources to help you practice self-leadership.

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