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Blessed In the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good



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One sentence summary: Blessed in the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good is a timely, spirit-filled expose on what dark times truly are and how God uses them as a blessing in His divine plan for you.

In a nutshell

The world is bound to encounter problems. That’s a given. You, me, the author, and every other human are valid candidates for difficult times. The big question is how equipped are humans to thrive during these times.

In truth, many are untrained to cope with times of uncertainty, despair, and inconvenience. It is relatively too easy to exaggerate problems, get sour, and discourage than to trust, stay calm, and have the right mentality. This is because a natural biological response to troubles is worry and anxiety.

The author, through his writing, gives insight into a form of training that solves the problem of problems in our world. This training is a part of the relationship we have with God.

Blessed in the darkness Best quote

“Don’t let other people talk you out of what God put in your heart …… God didn’t put the promise in them, he put it in you.”

-Joel Osteen.

Main concepts and ideas

Driving ideas and main concepts captured in over 14 chapters of actionable insights can be summed up in three (3) points;

  • become spiritual awareness; have the knowledge of how things are in the spiritual realm
  • have a relationship with God; know God and know him personally. Constantly having your heart fixed on him through the practice of faith and hope births fruits pivotal to assessing your purpose.
  • change your mindset. Having known all this, there are ways to condition your mind to work for and not against you. It is crucial as the mind is the battlefront.

Main idea 1: Become spiritually aware

Here are a few salient descriptions of the spiritual reality for Christians

  1. Brokenness is not an end sign.
    There’s always a miracle of multiplication that follows a break. That bad break could mean God is about to multiply. When things are stirred up, new doors are about to blow open (forgive my excessive theatrics).
  1. Night seasons are temporary
    Understand that change occurs in the spiritual too and there are multiple factors that contribute to this. However, for believers, dark seasons are passing just as they are occurring. Faith enables you to stay the course
  1. Rain falls on the just and unjust.
    Life happens to us all. Trouble is a part of life. And no you won’t be tested more than you can bear. So put your troubles into perspective. You’re not the only one to face it. A closed door isn’t always a bad thing. It could be a reason to redirect focus.

Main idea 2: Have a relationship with God

  1. An active practice of faith and hope.
    These emotional responses are founded on love. The Author defines Faith as trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.
  1. God’s faithfulness
    In a relationship with God, we begin to understand that the scope of his faithfulness is immeasurable. He is faithful to you, his creation, and himself. All that God says He is, He is! His entire nature is put on display; His name, character, identity, power, and glory.
  1. Purpose
    There’s a detailed plan for the life of all who exist. A good plan was created by God. Too good that human nature by itself can’t fulfill. Dark times are perfect for refinement and they are part of man’s destiny mostly there to deliver a push.

Main idea 3: Change of Attitude.

  1. You grow in the dark.
    That’s a disposition all Christians should have. Each difficult time should be reviewed as an opportunity for expansion, refinement, and betterment.
  1. Do the right things.
    Your actions should consistently meet the requirements: what God wants of you per test. So the attitude here is to match your actions with the direction of your faith. Continue to do this even when the wrong things are happening. Pass the test
  1. All is well if all isn’t, it’s not the end.
    You’re not in the dark by accident, God is in control. Magnify God and not problems. God declares the end from the start. There is safety in him.
  1. Unconditional devotion.
    Many times, we make the love we have for God and our devotion conditional. “When things are going smoothly, I’ll praise God. If my prayers are answered, I’ll honor You. Mental strength and conviction are exhibited by those who render unconditional devotion. “Whether you heal me or not, whether it changes or not, You’ll still have the best of me.”


Personal review on Blessed in the Darkness

I read the book for the first time when I, as will most, was going through a dark season. I was conscripted to serve in an environment unconducive to habitation.

The lifestyle demanded was one I wasn’t acclimatized to and it required living on the margins. A lean lifestyle. This was a dramatic change for me. It was tough and inconvenient.

I admit it was difficult to bring myself to read this book. I knew it contained truths. Truths that were too bitter to deal with at that moment.

However, I started reading the book but soon fell off after a few pages. I was reading with a troubled mind and a hurt heart.

But I needed the truth to liberate me from my suffering. Then, I found the courage to read on and it helped me through the situation reaping all the underlying benefits.

Who is it for

Wondering if this book is for you? Well, Blessed in the Darkness Is for you if

  • You’re a Christian
  • You want to become better suited to handle tough times.
  • You are interested in developing tenacity.


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