Things To Do With The Word Of God

7 Life Transforming Things To Do With The Word Of God: A Beginner’s Guide to Having A Successful Bible Study Life.

We can't say we know God unless we know His Word. According to John 1:1, God's Word is God. That…

Exploring the Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer: Priority, Intimacy, and Significance. 

The Lord's Prayer, also known as “Our Father”, was taught by Jesus to His disciples as the way to pray.…
Featured Image for the blog title Bible verses for teenage problems. A picture set of diverse teenagers

29 Efficacious Bible verses for teenage problems to help you navigate adolescence.

Teenage years come with many challenges like anxiety, stress, peer pressure, and insecurities. The Bible offers wisdom and guidance to…
Bible verses about Prayer featured Image.

19 Instructive Bible Verses About Prayer that will elevate your prayer life.

While prayer is a universal human act, its true potential remains untapped for many. The Bible offers a unique perspective…
featured image of the bible study titled "Benefits of speaking in tongues"

Why Tongues: 9 Edifying Benefits of Speaking in Tongues.

The Church today has met the Tongue Gift with mixed feelings. Within her numbers are people who either reduce it…
featured image for the blog post about funny bible verses. Scroll to read the funniest bible verses.

23+ Funny bible verses and commentary that make you love God & the Bible more.

In times passed, Men who were inspired by the Spirit of God wrote about God, mankind, and their relationship across…
A curated list of bible verses about speaking in tongue. Learn what the bible says about the tongue gift

23 Bible verses about speaking in tongues

…… to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. This a snippet…
I am born again but cannot speak in tongues. Does it imply I have not received the Holy Spirit? Featured image

Born again but cannot speak in tongues? Find Answers

I am always moved by questions regarding a believer's inability for a self-leadership activity. I am so interested in the…

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