Achinike Amadi

Hello, my friends call me Archie. [Not the comics :)]. I\’m an engineer by day and a Christian blogger every other time. After a complete life turnaround orchestrated by Jesus, I have decided to share lessons from experiential Christianity and gather resources that could help you lead you.

Achinike Amadi

Hello there, I am Archie. I share and curate digital resources to help you practice self-leadership.

Posts by archie

emotional intelligence in college

7 immersive activities that develop your Emotional Intelligence in college

Have you ever experienced this sort of embarrassment during a college lecture before? It's one of those lectures that everybody…
prayers for self control

16 Effective prayers for self control.

Prayers for self control become necessary in any or both of the two circumstances. Either you, as a believer, want…
self control in the bible featured image

Studying self control in the bible: A few things to note.

The concept of Self Control in the bible exposes us to a practice of self-mastery; the ability to exert command…
fixing self control issues

How to fix self control issues in 5 affective steps.

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should…
biblical fasting for beginners

The genuine guide to biblical fasting for beginners.

Many people grew up practicing biblical fasting. Whether or not they knew the significance of it, they did it. And…
spiritual fast routine

How to create a spiritual fasting schedule that improves self awareness

A spiritual fasting schedule could very much be the vehicle that delivers definitive information about who you are made to…
emotionally intelligent leader

7 superpowers of an Emotionally Intelligent leader

Superheroes don't only exist in the comical universe. And while we'd wish to be Captain America, Superman, or Black widow,…
bible verses for discouragement

30+ curated Bible verses for discouragement

Are you taking a brutal beating from life? Are you a young believer struggling to work out consistent fruits of…
identifying emotionally intelligent people

Identifying emotionally intelligent people through signs and examples [free quiz inside].

Emotionally intelligent people are skillful with emotions. They can use emotions to create new and healthy environments or navigate existing…
examples of self control in the bible

4 Salient Examples of Self Control In the Bible

Examples of self control in the bible are certainly useful in teaching the sacred art of self-possession. They are embodied…

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