7 superpowers of an Emotionally Intelligent leader

Superheroes don't only exist in the comical universe. And while we'd wish to be Captain America, Superman, or Black widow,…
Achinike Amadi

on May 7, 2024

  • emotionally intelligent leader
  • Superheroes don’t only exist in the comical universe.

    And while we’d wish to be Captain America, Superman, or Black widow, reality reminds us that it is all fictitious.

    However, there is still an undeniable, growing demand for heroes in this ‘real’ world. We see the news proliferated with headlines about bad governance, Climate change, political and racial unrest, record crime and mortality rates, etc.

    Yes, there is a lot of work to be done. However, we can only make true progress when we experience internal transformation; an exchange of hearts(stone for flesh).

    emotionally intelligent leader graphic

    Is the practice of emotional intelligence reserved only for the head of some organization?

    Let’s open the hero profiles of emotionally intelligent leaders and investigate the ‘Abilities’ section.

    7 impressive abilities of an Emotionally Intelligent leader

    1. Humanoid

    Human form EI leader superpower

    It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? In order to be a leader here on earth, you have to be human. Unless there has been an alien invasion or an AI takeover to unseat Mankind as the apex prime.

    To be an emotionally intelligent leader, one would definitely need more than just a highly specialized brain. They must achieve perfect harmony between their spirit and body as well.

    We see it exemplified perfectly in the passion of Christ.

    God being spirit takes the form of one of his creations, lays down His life for his loved ones (You and I), and then took the initiative to release the Holyspirit upon us.

    See also: How fasting can attune us with our spiritual essence.

    2. Undefeatable Self-control

    emotionally intelligent leader graphic

    So long as you are in a human body interacting with the external environment along with other humans, there will always be a propensity for emotional hijacks, impulsive reactions, and sordid behaviors to occur.

    An emotionally intelligent leader should be able to understand the development of his/her emotions and if need be, re-establish desirable emotional states while respecting the presence of individuals, laws, and the wholesome state of an environment.

    We may not be able to control all that happens around the world but emotionally intelligent leaders can control how it affects them.

    Related: A study on self control in the bible

    3. Unbelievable Empathic Influence

    emotionally intelligent leader graphic

    Have you ever had your words completed as you were speaking?

    But it becomes even more mind-boggling when a particular person completes your words or performs your thought far too frequently to settle as mere coincidence.

    This extra sense, telepathic in nature, is an aftermath result of a consistent focussed study of the internal world, the emotional states of people, and the role of the environment in all of it.

    An Emotionally intelligent leader has an ever-growing database of emotional information gotten from self and others from which existing patterns prompt correlating empathic feedback.

    4. Charming Magnetism

    emotionally intelligent leader graphic

    Bedazzled, enthralled, and deferent are some of the terms to describe your emotional response should you ever run into [INSERT NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE HERO OF ALL TIME]. Right?

    But you need not be popular to have this same effect on people. You only need to be emotionally intelligent.

    According to this review, emotionally intelligent people are perceived by other individuals to be more pleasant to be around. They receive great approbation and adoration from people because they can handle the emotions of others.

    Even better is an emotionally intelligent leader who realizes that he is the light of the world (Matt 5:14). Secured by God’s approval, he can be emotionally available to his peers, family, and team.

    5. Acute Judgement

    The controversy behind the topic of Decision Making doesn’t affect emotionally intelligent leaders in any way.

    Contrary to general opinions, emotions can and actually drive an effective decision process.

    Emotional Intelligent leaders are able to discern situations that warrant an emotive sentimental judgment from situations that calls for a more rational approach.

    The “inner rudder” holds a rich collection of decision rules quietly gathered and executed in the subcortical region of the brain as we experience life. The information gathered from this circuitry helps narrow our attention to choices that are beneficial to us, others, and other entities such as companies.

    We become better emotionally intelligent self-managers when we, during deliberations, utilize God’s word in the right context to expose noisome human tendencies (2 Tim 3:16).

    7. Sharp Triple Focus

    3 focus states as an ability of emotionally intelligent leaders

    Are you looking for a common denominator between emotional response and emotional intelligence?


    Attention is a key performer in Emotion development but it plays a more relevant role in emotional intelligence. According to Focus, The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman, this subtle faculty can occur in three states.

    The three states of attention are;

    1. Inner focus; attentive to personal thought processes and emotional states
    2. Other focus; conscious of how people perceive your interactions and their reactions to the external circumstances.
    3. Outer focus; alert of times and seasons. Sensitive Interplay of actions and reactions.

    A well-focused emotionally intelligent leader knows how to strike a balance between these 3 states and can shift attention when necessary.

    7. Keen Systems Awareness

    outer focus and systems awareness; an ability of emotionally intelligent leaders

    Before an emotional response occurs, a situation must have been attended to and assessed as meaningful. Thus, situations have earned a place in the discussion of emotional intelligence. However, situations are only cellular representations of a greater underlying system; a set of patterns bound by law or a group of laws.

    Emotionally Intelligent leaders are able to tune in to the operational protocols of the external and internal environment.

    By maintaining a wide curiosity and making conclusions not just from experiences, they train the neocortex to think in systems.

    As, an emotionally intelligent leader, you can sense changes in both systems and grasp opportunities before the window closes.

    Final thoughts on Emotional Intelligent leaders

    Emotionally intelligent leaders should be able to identify emotions, understand how emotions emerge within themselves and others, and use them towards positive outcomes.

    We witness the full extent of being wonderfully and fearfully made by Yahweh when we walk with Him in spirit and truth.

    You are a living breathing solution. An emotionally intelligent leader who needs no one’s consent to be a hero.

    Emotionally Intelligent leaders, ASSEMBLE!!!!

    Which ability of emotional intelligence leaders do you find most interesting?

    Achinike Amadi
    Hello there, I am Archie. I share and curate digital resources to help you practice self-leadership.


    • It has got to be triple focus for me. Been able to see within, around and what might be is wonderful

      • A

        Triple focus is indeed a superpower, Joseph. It enables leaders to navigate complex situations effectively by considering internal perspectives, external factors, and potential outcomes.

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