7 Life Transforming Things To Do With The Word Of God: A Beginner’s Guide to Having A Successful Bible Study Life.

We can't say we know God unless we know His Word. According to John 1:1, God's Word is God. That…
Chinny Ameh

on June 10, 2024

  • Things To Do With The Word Of God
  • The Bible is also referred to as the Word of God. As Christians, the word of God is our anchor. It serves as our guide, revealing God’s truth, plans, and purpose to us.

    We can’t say we know God unless we know His Word. According to John 1:1, God’s Word is God. That is why the journey to an effective Christian life begins with a thorough understanding of Who God is – through His word.

    So, how can one use God’s Word to achieve a more successful devotional life? Keep reading. This article will discuss some important practices you can do with the word of God, in order to have a more enjoyable devotional life.

    7 Life Transforming Things To Do With The Word Of God.

    #1. Read the Bible.

    The first thing every believer should do with the Bible is to read it. The foundation of any fruitful devotional life lies in the simple act of reading the Bible. 

    Read to understand, read to know, read for fun.

    As Christians, we should learn how to read the Bible not for ticking the box, but just for the fun and excitement that comes with spending time with God. 

    One thing every Christian should learn is how to enjoy being in the presence of God. Let reading your Bible be a platform for having a chit-chat with God. Ask Him questions, He wants to answer.  He wants that dialogue. 

    You need to get to know your God. Don’t just be a Christian that talks about God or one that knows Him by the rumors of others. Spend time with your father by reading His word. 

    Aside from having a good knowledge of Who God is, reading the Bible also reveals who we are in Christ. When you spend time with the word of God, it gives you insights to our identity in Christ, and enables us to live our lives as God intends that we should. 

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    #2. Confess the Word.

    Never make light of the things you say. Proverbs 18:21 reminds us of how powerful our words are. Even salvation requires confession to be complete (Romans 10:10). This goes on to show us how much confession influences our Christian journey. 

    Speaking and affirming God’s Word over your life is a powerful practice that every Christian should engage in. 

    It is a mindset changer. 

    Confessing God’s word literally constructs your mind to focus on the truth of God’s Word even in the midst of challenges. 

    When you confess the Word of God, you align your thoughts and beliefs with God’s truth. And this practice will enable you to face life’s challenges, and resist temptations with faith and confidence. 

    #3. Meditate on the word.

    To meditate simply means to ponder or think about something for an extended amount of time. 

    Now, meditating on the word of God simply means to ponder and think over a verse or chapter of the Bible. Really, it’s that easy. 

    the word of god graphic

    In the secular world, the aim of meditation is to calm, and empty the mind. But as Christians, the purpose of meditation is to fill our mind with God’s truth, which in turn, takes out every lie and negativity of the devil. 

    To meditate on scriptures, you need to;

    • Select a verse or passage from the Bible. 
    • Get familiar with the verse or passage.
    • And then, focus and think on the scripture.  

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    #4. Trust the scripture.

    John 17:17 tells us that God’s word is true. 

    God is not a man, that he should lie. He is not a human, that he should change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?  – Number 23:19

    Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will remain forever. – Matthew 24:35 

    Lack of trust is one thing that causes bridges in relationships. And a lack of it can also ruin your relationship with God. You must learn to hold firmly to God’s word.

    Trusting in God’s word means having no other option but God. A proof of trust is standing on the Lord’s side both when things are going well and when they aren’t (Isaiah 12:2). It is believing in God’s capacity, truth, and strength, even when circumstances show you otherwise.   

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    #5. Obey God’s Word.

    Obeying God’s word simply means putting what the Bible teaches into practice.

    As Christians, we must apply the scriptures to our daily lives. It is not enough to read and confess scriptures; we must also demonstrate them through our actions, relationships, even the decisions we make. (See 1 John 2:5–6, Romans 12:2.)

    Adhering to God’s Word isn’t always easy. However, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can overcome the flesh. The Holy Spirit helps us to submit ourselves to God by setting aside our own desires and choosing to intentionally follow His leading. 

    When we focus on God, follow His guidance, and allow His Word mold our decisions, we become better at submitting ourselves to Him..

    #6. Preach the Bible.

    Several texts in the Bible exhort us to love our brothers. It’s interesting how 1 John 3:18 encourages us to love not just in words but also in actions. Sharing God’s word with others is a proof of your love for them. Your love for people is evident when you tell them the good news you’ve heard.

    As 2 Timothy 4:2 says, “Preach the word of God; be persistent, whether the time is favorable or not; patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.”

    Be bold about spreading the Good News. Don’t be afraid of not knowing what to say; start where you are. Tell them how you found Jesus!

    Sharing the Word of God is really simple, and you can literally start from where you are. You can start by sharing Christian videos or posts on social media, through conversations with people you know.

    The Holy Spirit will always provide opportunities for you to share the Word.

    #7. Pray the Word of God.

    As Christians, prayer is an essential part of our daily lives. 

    When we pray, we must ensure that our intentions are in line with God’s will. According to James 4:2, one of the reasons Christians’ have unanswered prayers is because we pray amiss. 

    This is why praying the Scriptures is helpful. It ensures that our prayers align with the Word of God. 

    Praying the Word of God simply means reading or reciting Bible verses in a prayerful spirit, and allowing the scripture to become your prayer. 

    the word of god graphic

    The Book of Psalms is a great place to begin. Even our Lord Jesus prayed with Psalms. On the cross, Jesus asked, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” This petition is taken from Psalm 22:1. (See Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34).

    So, take some time to look through the book of Psalms and find the great prayers contained inside it.

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    Conclusion on Things To Do With The Word Of God.

    The word of God is a transformative force. Hence, it is important that we know how to utilize it for our benefit.

    Reading, trusting, praying, preaching the word, etc; Engaging with God’s Word in these transforming ways can help you develop an Bible devotional life.

    We can’t say we know God unless we know His Word. And we cannot claim to love others if we do not tell them about Jesus.

    Chinny Ameh
    Hi, I'm Chinny, a Christian writer with the desire to guide people on their journey with God. Through carefully researched writings and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I encourage believers to embrace their faith, conquer life's challenges, and experience personal and spiritual growth.

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