The work of the Holy Spirit(His ministries, roles, and effects).

The work of the Holy Spirit makes all the difference in the life of a Christian. If you’ve ever doubted…
Achinike Amadi

on May 7, 2024

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  • The work of the Holy Spirit makes all the difference in the life of a Christian.

    If you’ve ever doubted the importance of the Holy Spirit, Jesus’s command in Luke 24:49 should clear those doubts.

    Jesus, despite having discipled them and laid the crucial framework of the New Covenant, urges his disciples to do nothing, yet, but await the promise of the Holy Spirit.

    Why is the Holy Spirit important?

    The Holy Spirit makes the Christ-like experience possible and brings it to life within the believer. There is no success in the things of God without him.

    You can think of Jesus’ sacrifice as a Ferris wheel in an amusement park while the Holy Spirit is the powered hydraulic motors that powers wheel making it a truly exhilarating experience.

    Let this article stir up, an appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit within you, admiration for Jesus’ selflessness, and adoration for God, the Father, who thoughtfully poured out His spirit upon all flesh that believes.

    Ministries of the Holy Spirit.

    While every work of the Holy Spirit is a ministry, we deliberately use this title to describe those things that became possible only after the advent of the Holy Spirit.

    The work of the Holy Spirit. Girl walking in the wind of the Spirit


    Before the start of his earthly ministry, the Spirit of God descended upon Jesus and a heavenly voice proclaimed Him as a beloved son(Matt 3:17). Jesus, in turn, continuously proclaimed Yahweh as His father and identified as His son all throughout his earthly ministry(Jn 15:23; 15:1).

    In the old testament times, it was uncommon and even perceived as blasphemous, particularly among the Pharisees, to identify as God’s child or to proclaim Yahweh as your Father. Yet Jesus did because he is the Son of God, and made it also possible for you through his death, burial, and resurrection(Heb 2:10).

    Believing in Jesus as the Son of God and embracing his finished work on the cross creates, in a Christian, the legal and spiritual reality of being a child of God(Jn 1:12). Then the Spirit of God enables you to live as a son of God actualizing your sonship(Rm 8:15).

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t just want to give you something as many think and crave His gifts. He wants you to become. (Rm 8:14,16)


    The Greek word Hagios is used to refer to God’s redeemed people chosen to be holy in His sight and set apart for His purposes. It is a status that comes from the righteous God who is without sin and expects his chosen people to walk in Holiness(Eph 5:1).

    Consecration refers to the process of being made holy, free from sin, set apart, and dedicated to God. The Holy Spirit, through His affective presence, sanctifies us and sanctions our status of Hagios.

    In the old way, God gave The Mosiac laws as regulations which resulted only in death because of the weakness of human nature and its susceptibility to sin(Rm 8:3;7:25). In the new covenant, God gives the Spirit as a regulator to cause us to walk according to his status and meet his righteous standards(Ezek 36:27).

    In the new way, God’s people receive right standing with God as an activity of the Spirit able to bring salvation and give life(1 Cor 3:9). By the laws of the Spirit, God’s people are able to mortify the deeds of the flesh(Rm 8:13).

    One of the purposes of the Holy Spirit is to cause a believer to walk in accordance with the statutes of God(Jer 31:33). With the receipt of the Holy Spirit, comes an internal regulator that keeps you far from sin. Now you can live out in full expression the faultless life God has called you into.

    Roles of the Holy Spirit.


    The Bible in John 14:26 identifies the Holy Spirit as Advocate which translates as Parakletos, a legal term within secular contexts. Parakletos appears 5 times across the new testament and in biblical texts associated with Apostle John. The Holy Spirit is said to be Parakletos in that he stands in the gap for us during times of dispute or whenever we come up short.

    As with other relationships, the relationship with God consists of guiding rules and collective agreements for a peaceful and harmonious fellowship between God and man.

    Whenever a Christian is bound to transgress any of the written or spoken laws of God, the Holy Spirit advises the believer to refrain and upon transgression counsels unto repentance. Furthermore, he intercedes on your behalf to God mediating a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict.

    Job’s plea in Job 9:33 has been met! Like in Numbers 12:11-14, God tampers justice with mercy.

    This is a work of the Holy Spirit, within those born again. He mitigates you from the wrathful judgment of God making his judgment more corrective than punitive.


    The KJV translates Parakletos in John 14:16 as “Comforter” which is interesting because this interpretation doesn’t carry the legal context that Mediator, Intercessor, and Advocate do.

    Jesus is the good shepherd who aids, assists, and caters to his flock(John 10:11). While he was on earth, He kept and comforted his disciples(John 17:12). Albeit His absence does warrant or stir up trouble for the sheep(Mark 14:27), so as he was about to leave, he prayed to The Father concerning their welfare and preservation(John 17:11-13).

    One role of the Holy Spirit is to mediate the presence of Jesus in the life of a believer. One way the Holy Spirit remedies the need for Jesus’ presence is by reminding them of all that Jesus has said(John 14:26) thus providing the requisite comfort and strength in times of distress.

    We see another practical example in 2 Chronicles 20:14-15 where the Holy Spirit calms the troubled heart of the King and people of Judah.

    Related: Bible verses during times of discouragement.

    Effect of Presence in the Life of a Believer.


    God wants us to be like Jesus. (Rm 8:29). However he hasn’t left it to the insufficient effort of man but has given us a power that transforms us to be like Jesus Christ in experience— having the mind of Jesus and living as he did.

    Transformation is the lifelong evolutionary process of maturing into a Christ-like entity both in stature and in deeds. It is becoming the light of the world(Matt 5:14), the salt of the earth, and showing forth fruits of the spirit even self-discipline (Gal 5:22-23). One effective tool that causes transformation in a believer is the word of God.

    The Holy Spirit is the agency authorized by God to take advantage of the Word of God and cause transformation in the life of a Saint. One job of the Holy Spirit is to change the face of bible study by curating and animating God’s word for maximum effect. Without the presence and help of the Holy Spirit, Bible study will be a burdensome and exasperating activity yielding no significant dividend.

    Word after word, lesson after lesson under the tutelage of the Holy Ghost, a person gradually becomes like Christ in experience. The Holy Spirit can take any person irrespective of background, strengths, or limitations, and make a star out of that person.

    God doesn’t just want you to make progress, he wants to make a message out of your life—a living epistle!


    The Holy Spirit is the custodian of God’s divine power and also the giver of supernatural abilities popularly known as the gifts of the Holy Spirit(1 Cor12:8-10).

    While the empowerment which the Holy Spirit gives has oftentimes been an object of inordinate human desire and misplaced worship, it is still a function of the Holy Spirit that is relevant in today’s discourse.

    Empowerment by the Holy Spirit is a crucial part of the Christian experience that should not be neglected as is the case with many Christians today who have a negative attitude toward the display of power. Jesus, himself, was anointed with the Spirit and with power(Acts 10:38) and invites all believers to demonstrate this power(Mark 16:17).

    A display of God’s power has been known, from several scriptural instances, to be purposeful to several extents and effective in significantly pushing God’s agenda forward. It was the signs and wonders performed by Jesus that brought Nicodemus into the conversation where he got to know about Salvation. As the disciples in the upper room spoke in tongues a large crowd gathered and from this gathering about 3000 people were saved as a result of Peter’s sermon empowered by the Holy Spirit.

    Exercise the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit within you. Don’t think for any reason it’s something to what no part in. Contend for higher levels of empowerment which the Holy Spirit gives for your ministry career, academics, leadership, and every aspect of your life.

    The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us spiritual power and courage to do what we can’t do by our willpower in order to succeed.

    Divine Leading;

    Emmanuel Iren, the author of Leading Seeks You, says divine leading is a heritage for all who are children of God. The same spirit who adopts is the same spirit who makes it possible to be led by God.

    One function of the Holy Spirit is that he brings wisdom and guidance. This is all-important because the style of self-leadership taught and practiced at is centered around the leading of the Holy Spirit and the followership of Jesus Christ.

    The variables of successful living are too much to be learned in a lifetime. So it is actually in your best interest to deny your way, follow Jesus, and subscribe to the wisdom of the Spirit of God who has been before the earth was formed.

    Another work of the spirit is to enable God’s people for good and godly leadership. From the stories of the 7 deacons, Israel’s judges(Judge 6:34, judges 3:10), and Moses’ assistants(Num 11:24-26), we discover strong linkages between the Holy Spirit and leadership ability. See also (Num 27:18)


    The spirit of God animates your Christian experience bringing about adoption, baptism, empowerment, and transformation—amongst others.

    Rest assured, there is a move of God in this day and age pushing His agenda for the world. The work of God requires His spirit for it is of eternal relevance, about His kingdom, and centered around Christ.

    Will you be a part of it or get in the way?

    Don’t sit on the sidelines. Collaborate with the work of God going on within you and partner with the spirit of God for the work of God.

    Join Chieflings as we explore how a partnership with the Holy Ghost primes us for outstanding leadership

    Achinike Amadi
    Hello there, I am Archie. I share and curate digital resources to help you practice self-leadership.

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